3-Ply toilet paper

3-ply toilet paper from The Good Roll

With our tree-friendly 3-ply toilet paper, you feel like a king on the sanitary throne. Because not only does our strong toilet paper feel incredibly luxurious, you are also helping the world! Our toilet paper is made from recyclable European paper and we do not use any harmful chemicals in its production. 

Help us save the trees

There is honestly no better toilet experience than the feeling of our 3-ply toilet paper. All the more so because every time you go to the toilet, you know that you have made the world a little bit better. 

Did you know that 27,000 trees are cut down every day just to make toilet paper? That's a shame, especially considering how much recyclable paper is thrown away every day. That is why we do things differently at The Good Roll. By recycling paper in a safe and clean way, we can make high quality and strong toilet paper, but without all the nasty environmental implications. The number of layers: 3, the number of trees cut down: 0. And that is a hat-trick we are very proud of. 

Now you may think, 'nice, but isn't this much more expensive?' But don't worry, our toilet paper (number of layers 3 & 2) is a lot cheaper than the house brands in the supermarket!

The advantages of 3-ply

That 3-ply toilet paper feels more luxurious than 2-ply toilet paper needs no explaining, but there are many more advantages to our toilet paper. 

More paper for your money; The figures don't lie: a normal toilet roll contains 150 sheets, good for 15.6 metres of paper. At The Good Roll, you literally get more value for your money, because our rolls contain no less than 250 sheets. That's good for 27.5 metres of sweeping pleasure!

36 cents cheaper per roll; It is sometimes said that toilet paper does not cost a dime, but at The Good Roll it really does! For 3-ply toilet paper you pay with us an average of 36 cents less than for house brands in the supermarket.

Wipe for a good cause; In our sustainable battle for a better world, we not only try to save trees, 50% of our net profit goes directly to various charities through our own foundation. We use these proceeds to build water and sanitation facilities in Africa.

Strong toilet paper that doesn't need to be double folded; Nothing is as annoying as thin toilet paper that you have to fold in half several times. With our 3-ply, you can be sure that one sheet is more than strong enough for every... message. 

Free from chemicals; Unnecessary chemicals are used in the production of toilet paper. These chemicals are often discharged into the environment. We don't do that. That is why our toilet paper is made without chemicals. 

Cheerful packaging; Toilet paper does not have to be boring. That's why each roll is packaged in a cheerful paper wrapper, which is also made from recycled paper. 

Now also available as an advantageous subscription

Even 3-ply toilet paper runs out. Even with the 24 to 96 rolls that we send you, at some point you will need new toilet paper. We offer you the option to make a wise choice for nature, charity and above all: for your wallet. Because with the Good Roll Subscription, you decide how often you want to receive a new box of toilet paper and you always receive a 10% discount on your order of 3-ply toilet paper.