Toilet Paper Subscription

Toilet paper subscription

Making the world a little better with sustainable toilet paper, that's the goal of The Good Roll. We make our eco toilet paper from recycled paper or bamboo. Sustainable and economical for your wallet as well. Best of all: 50% of our net profit goes to building sanitary facilities in third world countries. Do you want to join us? Then sign up for our toilet paper subscription.

The subscription for high needs

Maybe you've ordered a package of sustainable toilet paper from us before. Maybe you've seen us at companies or in stores before. Maybe you've just met us but are serious about making the world a better place. Whatever your situation, our toilet paper subscription will fit you! That's because at The Good Roll, we believe in acting fairly. Not only when it comes to the environment and our charities, but also when it comes to your wallet.

How a toilet paper subscription works

It's actually very simple: you choose how many weeks you need new eco toilet paper. Do you have a large household with a lot of kids? Then you need new toilet paper every 4 weeks. If you are single, then once every 12 weeks is probably enough. You are completely free to decide this for yourself, the only thing that is fixed is your benefit. You get a 10% discount on every shipment delivered. So not only the first package with toilet paper but also every subsequent package has a standard 10% discount.

Take out your toilet paper subscription now

There are only a few certainties in the world. The sun rises every day, taxes have to be paid and above all: everyone has to go to the toilet. So why not choose toilet paper that:

  • Is better for the environment

  • Gives 50% of its profit to charity

  • Is cheaper than supermarket prices

  • Is just as comfortable and strong as other toilet paper (and in many cases a lot better)

  • Is free from chemicals

  • Not wrapped in plastic

When you look at it this way, it's no wonder that both large companies and private individuals grace their toilets with our rolls.

Do you want to make the world a little better every time you wipe? Then take out a subscription to our eco toilet paper. It works as follows:

  • Choose the type of toilet paper you want: 2 ply, 3 ply or bamboo toilet paper.

  • Choose whether you want the rolls #Naked without wrappers, or with cheerful wrappers from recycled paper.

  • Decide how often you want new rolls delivered.

  • Look happy in your wallet as we'll give you a 10% discount on every shipment.

  • We'll send you a tracking code so you can see exactly when your buttocks paper will be delivered.

  • Enjoy! You can now shamelessly sit on the toilet for a long time, after all you are improving the world with your sustainable toilet paper.

  • After the period you specified, a new box with your favorite eco toilet paper will arrive.