Eco-friendly tissues

Eco-friendly tissues

From hay fever on long days to 'Netflix & Chill' on autumn evenings, you need tissues all year round. But did you know that a lot of trees are needlessly cut down for your tissues? The Good Roll thinks this is really out of date. That's why we make extremely strong and velvety soft tissues from recycled European paper.

The green revolution for tissues

Why are our tissues the best choice

A tissue box is a tissue box, there is nothing special about it. At first we thought so too, but nothing could be further from the truth. For the production of boxes and tissues a lot of wood, water and plastic is used.

And that is precisely the problem. For the production of tissues, paper towels and toilet rolls, new wood is used, which is specially harvested for this production. So it is not by-products, which means it has a huge impact on the environment and the deforestation of our earth.

In addition, plastic is often used in the box. Practical, but because of this, these boxes are not recycled. It often goes straight to the incinerators or even worse, the landfill.

That's why we at The Good Roll do things a little differently. With all our experience in recycling and producing kitchen rolls and toilet paper, we know better than anyone how to make the best tissues.

No plastic packaging

Only recycled European paper

Soft and white tissues

Fair production methods

No use of chemicals

Best of all: each tissue box features a cheerful print. We have several prints so that every box is a new discovery.

The very best packaging, also for on the go

Good tissues are important, but so is a good tissue box! After all, we want to prevent them from ending up in the garbage unnecessarily. That's why we designed a compact, square box that works perfectly as a tissue dispenser but without any plastic in it. So you can just put it in the waste paper when it's empty.

But besides tissues for the home, there is another product we want to tackle: those paper tissues in plastic bags. That's why our tissue box is compact enough to fit in the average handbag and it fits perfectly in the front storage compartment of the car.

Always a good cry with our tissue subscription

From blowing your nose to crying your eyes out, we all use a lot of tissues. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then our tissue subscription is just the thing for you. You choose how often you want a new shipment and we will send you every time a new box full of the nicest and environmentally friendly tissue boxes.

Not only convenient for home, also companies and institutions benefit. Because no matter how much you cry, sneeze and sneeze, you get a tissue subscription from The Good Roll always 10% discount.