The box of tissues

The box of tissues

You may know The Good Roll from our sustainable toilet paper made from recycled European paper. Or from our foundation, to which 50% of our net profit is donated. Soon you will know us from our box of tissues, which makes the world a little better. 

Tissues from The Good Roll

At The Good Roll, we have a certain vision when it comes to making and selling products. This vision was central to the development of our tissues. According to us, a good product must:

Be effective

Be pleasant to use

Be good for the environment

And, if possible, contribute to a better world

Big demands for a compact box of tissues, but we did it! Besides being nice and soft, we made them out of recycled paper. No plastic and also 100% tree-friendly.

No issues on the road with these tissues

You know the routine: you're in the car and suddenly have a runny nose. What would you rather do?

1. Go to the trouble of looking for the plastic packaging with the mediocre tissues, and then fumble behind the wheel to loosen the tape.

2. Simply pull a single tissue from our tissue box and have a clean nose again within 1 second.

At The Good Roll, we know...

Our designers have a nose for smart designs. This becomes even more clear when you look at our tissue box. It is a compact, square and cheerful box that is made entirely without plastic.

Because of this, you can use our tissue box not only at home, but also on the road, at the campsite, during a picnic or at work. It even fits in most handbags! 

For the real runny nose: our handkerchief subscription

Are you one of those noses that starts running faster because of our tissues? Then you are in luck! With the tissue subscription you will receive a shipment of tissues on a regular basis. Handy for at home but also for offices and institutions. 

Don't worry, we will not overload you with tissues after tissues. Even better, you can choose how often you want to receive them. Every 4 weeks a box? Every 12 weeks? You decide the period and we will send it. Best of all: with our tissue subscription you get a 10% discount on every order! No matter how often you have to cry, with The Good Roll your wallet will fortunately keep it dry.