Tree-friendly kitchen rolls

Tree-friendly kitchen rolls

Kitchen rolls are the essential part of every household. But why do so many people opt for chemically bleached, plastic-wrapped kitchen paper? Simple: there were no tree-friendly alternatives. That's why The Good Roll introduces our own line of honest, ecological kitchen rolls with a good cause! All the advantages of our toilet paper, but as super absorbent kitchen paper.

Are you ready to fulfill your (kitchen) role in our fight for a better world? Then choose The Good Roll for your eco-friendly kitchen roll, tree-friendly toilet paper and much more. You're not only helping the world, but your wallet as well. 

Sustainable and affordable kitchen paper

At The Good Roll, we aim for 100% sustainability. And with our environmentally friendly kitchen roll, we're one step closer to a future where no unnecessary trees are cut down or chemicals used to treat your kitchen paper.

This environmentally friendly kitchen paper is not only good for nature, it also supports our foundation. This goal of The Good Roll is not an empty promise in a nice jacket. That is why 50% of our net profit goes directly to projects to build toilets and water facilities in places where they are most needed. 

What is fun is our kitchen rolls! Each order consists of ten cheerfully wrapped rolls, all with their own fun motif on the wrapping paper. 

And best of all: these kitchen rolls are very inexpensive. Not only do you get ten rolls per order, but each roll contains almost 3x more paper sheets than normal kitchen paper you buy in the supermarket. Both the smart and the conscious shopper choose The Good Roll.

Why kitchen paper from The Good Roll works so well

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that kitchen paper can absorb water, soft drinks and other liquids very efficiently? This has everything to do with the structure of (recycled) paper. An environmentally friendly kitchen roll is full of cellulose fibres. This molecular structure adheres particularly well to liquids. These structures are natural to plants and trees. Simply put: the more natural the kitchen paper, the better it absorbs.

However, there is a downside to this. As soon as a layer of kitchen paper absorbs water and other (wet) dirt, it immediately becomes much weaker. Now we can add all kinds of chemicals to make it stronger, but let's not do that...

Our kitchen towels are manufactured in a special way that allows us to interweave a number of layers in a clever way. The result is clear: extremely strong, super absorbent and ecological kitchen paper.

A kitchen roll subscription for the cleaning fanatic

Does kitchen paper make your heart beat faster? Then perhaps you should see your doctor. But anyone who is a real cleaning fanatic and can't get enough of our kitchen paper can sign up for our Good Roll subscription. Not only does this give you a new load of eco-friendly kitchen rolls whenever you want, but we also give you a 10% discount on every order. 

So you can choose how many weeks we deliver a new pack of 10 rolls to your doorstep. Are you a frugal single? Then once every 12 weeks is probably enough. Is it nice and busy at home and do you often find yourself in a culinary battlefield? Then we will gladly bring you fresh kitchen paper every 4 weeks.

Are you ready to make the world a little better with an environmentally friendly kitchen roll? Order your own Good Rolls now and check out our website for more information about us, our foundation and all our other great products.