Bamboo Toiletpaper

Bamboo toilet paper

A world where trees are not needlessly cut down and everyone uses sustainable toilet paper. It sounds like a dream, but The Good Roll will do everything to make it the reality. That's why, in addition to recycled toilet paper, we now offer our exclusive bamboo toilet paper. Made from 100% bamboo for 0% guilt.

As soft as a panda, as strong as a bear!

Recycling paper is incredibly important, but ultimately we need to get to a situation where we not only prevent waste, but actively make an impact in CO2 reduction. And this is exactly where bamboo toilet paper is the solution for!

Bamboo is in fact the perfect example of CO2 capture. Maybe you already knew, but bamboo grows extremely fast. This happens because building materials and CO2 are converted into actual bamboo. Trees do this too, only bamboo is much faster and better at it. Is it time to cut down bamboo? Then it just grows back. So it is the definition of sustainability. All this makes for soft, sturdy and incredibly eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper.

But seriously, it's really very soft

Beyond all the marketing talk, have you never used bamboo toilet paper? Then just give it a try. We're not quick to talk about a panacea, but we ourselves at The Good Roll are so terribly excited about bamboo toilet paper.

Especially if you're used to standard toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper is such a change. Thanks to the strong fibers of bamboo, it is many times firmer than regular paper, and thanks to the special characteristics of bamboo, it is as soft as baby's bottom. This brings a number of advantages:

2-ply bamboo toilet paper that is as strong as 3-ply.

This saves space in paper thickness, so can put 400 sheets on a roll! (In the supermarket this is only 150 sheets)

You can order it #Naked, or wrapped in the cutest wrappers made from recycled paper. Extra fun, this is with exclusive prints in bamboo theme that we don't use anywhere else.

Our bamboo toilet paper is of course 100% plastic free.

50% of our net profit goes directly to the construction of sanitary facilities in developing countries.

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Totally crazy about our bamboo toilet paper? Can you not get enough of the super soft sheets between your buttocks? Would you just like to buy your toilet paper very cheap? Choose our bamboo toilet paper subscription!

You choose how often you want to receive new bamboo toilet paper. Whether this is 1x per four or fourteen weeks, there you are free to decide yourself. We send you a box with new toilet paper in plastic free packaging. Best of all? You get 10% discount on every shipment.